Week Two Weekly Weigh In

by admin on April 8, 2013

I have just completed week two on my Fat Loss Program. This week as not been as good as the first week. But I have still done OK, exercise wise I have completed 3 out of the 4 weight training workouts and I have completed 2 out of the 3 cardio workouts.

Because I have missed a weight training workout and a cardio workout. I am expecting slightly less on the scales this week.

Diet wise I have been OK, I have had a few 6 inch chicken tikka subs from subway with a cappuccino. The old me always ordered 12 inch or foot long subs. So I have made an improvement there. Diet wise I have stuck to the diet plan for the week about 75%.

This week has been a bit difficult to stick to the plan, due to our newborn making life a little difficult. Can’t make excuses though, I could of probably got into the gym. But my body was telling me to rest.

OK, lets see what I have lost at week twos weekly weigh in.

week 2

Week Two Weigh In 217 pounds or 15 stone 7 pounds

This means I have manged to lose 1.6 pound in body weight, but my body fat percentage has increased by 1.2%. Like I have mentioned before it will take several weeks, before I get a true body fat percentage reading on the body fat scales.

Overall I am happy with this result. If I knuckle down this week and complete my diet and exercise program. I should see better results on the scales at next weeks weekly weigh in.

Having a weigh in on a Monday, is probably not a good idea for me as well. Because over the weekend is the time when I will probably eat more calories. So these added calories are not going to do me any favours on the scales at a Monday weigh in.

By changing the weigh in to a Friday, will give me a much longer time frame, to eat strict and see good numbers on the scales at the weigh in.

Seeing good numbers, does give you a boost to keep moving forward on your fat loss journey. Seeing bad numbers, make you feel down and if you see junk food you are more likely going to eat it. To make you feel better.

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