Week Three Weekly Weigh In

by admin on April 14, 2013

I have just completed week three on my fat loss program and again I haven’t stuck to the plan 100%. But I have ate sensibly and completed a few cardio and weight training workouts. I lifted weights twice and completed one short and intense cardio workout.

This week I also tried to keep my water intake up and cut out the caffeine. Looking at myself in the mirror I feel a few pounds lighter. So lets step on to the body fat scales to see if I have lost any body weight and body fat this week.

week 3

Week Three Weigh In 212.8 pounds or 15 stone 2.8 pounds

This means I have lost 4.2 pounds in body weight and dropped my body fat percentage by 1.9%. I am happy with this result and it is spurring me on to continue with The Fat Loss Program. My visceral fat also dropped from level 11 to level 10.

For this week I plan on completing all of my exercise workouts and trying to stick to the diet plan as best I can. At the moment I’m out and about a lot, with the newborn baby. So I am eating stuff on the go. But I m choosing healthy options, like 6 inch chicken subs from Subway. Instead of the usual Big Mac Meal from McDonalds.

My body fat percentage is leveling off now on the scales. So I should be able to gauge this better. Now that most of the toxic waste and excess water is being stripped from my body.

Digital body fat scales, don’t read right with excess water in the body, that is why it is best to step on the scales and get measured in the morning. When you haven’t drank any fluids in several hours.

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