Week One Weekly Weigh In

by admin on April 1, 2013

Today is the week one weigh in of my Fat Loss Program. This week I have been extremely good diet and exercise wise and feel like I should hit a decent number on the body fat scales. Because it is week one the body weight I lose will be much higher than the upcoming weeks. This is because of the excess water my body is carrying.

OK lets step onto the body fat scales and see what I’ve lost at the first week. I have lost an impressive 7.4 pounds in body weight and my body fat percentage has dropped by 1%. My visceral fat, which is the nasty fat around my bodies organs has also dropped from level 12 to level 11. Anything above 10 according to my Omron body fat scales is dangerous to your health. So I am extremely pleased with this result the most, because my overall health is worth more than just looking better through the fat loss.

Week One Weigh In 218.6 pounds or 15 stone 8.6 pounds

This week I am looking at losing around another 2 pounds in body weight and I would also like to reduce my body fat percentage as well. Because of the excess water loss this week. It is going to take my body fat scales a few weeks to get use to what my true body fat percentage reading is. I have got some digital body fat calipers as well and in the past I have use these as an indication against my body fat scales and the difference is nominal.

Unlike most body fat scales on the market these take a reading through the body from your hands down to your feet. With the sensors that you grip with your hands and the sensor located on the scales.

The plan for this week, is to carry on with my diet and exercise plan and keep moving forward with The Fat Loss Program. I have got a small confession to make, I had a few chocolates before. Probably about 150 calories worth. The only good thing about this is I had them straight after a weight training workout when my body is craving simple carbohydrates such as sugar. Which as we all know chocolate is full of.

A couple of chocolates for a whole week, especially over the Easter period is not bad at all in my eyes. Plus I have done so well this week, I deserved a little treat. I am not getting complacent though. I am going to get my head down and continue full steam ahead with The Fat Loss Program

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