Day Two Over, How Am I Doing

by admin on March 27, 2013

Just completed day 2 on The Fat Loss Program and again I’m pleased to tell you all that I have stuck to the program 100%. I even managed to go another day with drinking any coffee. I must admit to you I am craving it slightly though. So I might give in and have one cup later. A cup or two of coffee a day won’t do me any harm will it.

Diet wise, again I ate all of the meals. The meals were the same as yesterday, so over the coming year I will try to add as many different meals as I can. By doing this it will stop me from getting bored from the meals and straying off my diet plan.

Exercise wise I did 30 minutes of cardio exercise on my stationery exercise bike. I did it whilst watching a bit of TV. To be honest with you, it goes fairly quickly when you are watching the TV. I exercised at a low to moderate pace, I am not up to full pace cardio just yet. Will probably start upping the pace of the cardio workouts at about week 3 of The Fat Loss Program.

Diet and exercise all good so far, but what about my motivation levels. Well, these are sky high at the moment especially with me documenting my progress to the world on this blog. I haven’t told any family or friends about the blog just yet.

To be honest I may never tell them, I have found some family members and friends to be very negative when it consists of doing exercise and diet. I usually get from some of them. Why are you starting a diet, don’t waste your life eating rabbit food. Food is one of great pleasures in life, don’t waste it by dieting.

They are right food is a great pleasure, but a lifetime in an unhealthy and high body fat percentage body is not a great pleasure. So 10 minutes of pleasure eating a pizza does not compare to a lifetime of pleasure in a new and healthier body.

I was going to put my name to the blog, so that every sees me as a real person. But I quite like being anonymous and just being known as The Fat Loss Program. The blog name describes exactly what this blog is about. Its about me and a fat loss program that is going to allow me to lose fat and get healthy.

The plan for day 3, is again to stick to my diet plan, complete today’s weight training workout and have a quite minute on the sofa watching a bit of TV. All good so far and I am looking forward to finally getting into shape and losing this ugly and unwanted body fat.


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