Day Three Complete, Still Sticking To The Program

by admin on March 28, 2013

Yesterday I completed day 3 on The Fat Loss Program, and again stuck to the program 100%. I did drink one cup of coffee during the day, because I was having a meeting with a sub contractor who wanted a coffee. So I thought it would be a bit rude not to have one as well.

Yesterday was weight training day, my muscles were still feeling a little sore from Monday’s workout. But after a warm and a few sets I soon loosened up. At week one of my weight training routine its high rep training 10 – 12 reps. So after around a 45 minute session of weights I was ready for a rest.

The first weeks and months of The Fat Loss Program, will be a feeling out process. I will be constantly changing and tweaking the program to things which work best for me. On the diet side, in the past I have strayed off diet plans because the foods I eat on these diets is rabbit food and to be perfectly honest with you , is not very tasty.

On this diet plan, I have introduced flavourings so that they had a bit of taste to the meals. At the moment I’m loving the Chicken, rice and mixed peppers mixed together with a few dollops of hot chill sauce and pepper.

My wake up meal whilst not tasting that great is quick and easy to make and eat. I Haven’t got the time in the morning to make myself porridge oats. So I blend the oats together with water, flax-seed and chocolate whey protein. Doesn’t taste too bad and can be ate in just a few seconds. I plan on using whey protein chocolate bars as meals at this time as well.

Some of the whey protein bars on the market taste great, so what better way to start the day with one. You even feel like your being bad, but your not because the chocolate bar is jammed full of protein.

Tomorrow I might have a mid week weigh in just to see how I am progressing. I won’t be doing this every week. Probably just this week, with it being the first on The Fat Loss Program. Yesterday I signed up for twitter and also created a Facebook page for the website. Feel free to follow me on these sites to receive all the latest updates from the blog. I have just uploaded these icons to the sidebar of the blog.

I plan on using this blog to document my fat loss journey, but it would be great to hear from other people in a similar position as me. I am always open for more information and advice to quickly lower my body fat percentage.

I have probably got over 50 pounds of body fat to lose, so at this stage of the program I need all the advice I can get my hands on.

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