Day 7, Easter Sunday

by admin on March 31, 2013

Today is Easter Sunday here in the UK. Traditionally for me this is a day were I go mad and eat lots of chocolates.Our kitchen is full of chocolate Easter Eggs, cookies and lots of other sweet goodies. Which to be honest are feeling very tempted to dive in and get my Easter fix of chocolate.

I’m glad to tell you all that I resisted and stuck to my diet plan. Today was my first day of rest. No exercise of any kind. I must admit I did miss a workout, exercise at the moment for me is giving me a great buzz.

Tomorrow is the week one weigh in of The Fat Loss Program. It was gone quite quick, but it also feels like I have done quite a bit so far in just a week.Lets take you through some of the stuff I have been doing this week on The Fat Loss Program.

Completed 4 weight training workouts, completed 2 thirty minutes cardio workouts. Ate 6 meals a day, no snacking in between meals. Drank roughly 6 litres of water every day. Stuck to the diet plan 100%, so by doing all this I am expecting to see decent numbers on the body fat scales in the morning. 6 pounds and over and I will be an happy man.

My body still feels a little bloated, so could do with a detox. If anyone knows of any decent detox plans that you takeĀ for a few days please let me know. Next week the weight loss will be much less. I am only looking at losing around 2 pounds per week on The Fat Loss Program. Till I get down to my goal weight of 190 pounds.

If when I get to 190, my body fat percentage is still high. I am going to up the calories so that I can build some muscle and slowly get my weight up to 200 pounds. Then cut back down to 190 pounds, I am going to keep cycling like this until I am happy and my body fat is within the goal I set for myself at the start of the program of 10 to 15%.

Right I’m off to watch the last day of the golf, come on Lee Westwood lets see if you can hit a bit of form before the Masters in 2 weeks.


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