Day 6, The First Weekend On The Fat Loss Program

by admin on March 30, 2013

Today is the first weekend of The Fat Loss Program and going off past experiences when I have been on a diet and exercise plan in the past. This is usually when I am at my worst when it comes to eating junk food.

Traditionally, me and the wife always ring out for a takeaway be it pizzas, burgers, Indian or Chinese food on a Saturday night. All this food whilst it tastes fantastic, it is laden in fat and high calories. Which has been doing my waistline no favours at all. I have all the foods prepared for today. So I am going to resist the temptation of ringing for a takeaway and eat one of my pre-made meals instead.

Today I have also completed a good workout session in my home gym. I haven’t mentioned yet, that I will doing all of my workouts from my home gym. Which is located in a 16ft by 10ft wooden shed in my back garden. In this shed I have got everything I need to complete an hard and intense weight training workout.

I purchased all of the stuff second hand off eBay, but I have got some absolute bargains. I’ve got a £1500 Body Solid Gym, which I purchased for just £300. This is the machine that I will be doing most of my exercises on. Again, I will take some pictures of my home gym and post them on the blog at a later date.

You have got to remember the blog is less than a week old, but I have got so much to show you about my workout. I’m no expert, so if you are reading my posts and see that I am doing stuff wrong. Just drop me a message and hopefully I should be able to fix it. I’m always looking for advice when it comes to diet and exercise.

Looking forward to showing the world my results from the first week on The Fat Loss Program. Don’t think I could of done any better, I could of perhaps drank more water. Towards the end of the week I was drinking water mixed with orange juice. Whilst this probably added a few extra calories to the water. I was quickly getting bored of just drinking 4 to 6 litres of plain old water.

If anyone out there as got any tips on how to make water taste better, without adding any extra calories then please let me know.

During the week, I have also been surfing the Internet for other weight loss blogs and I can’t believe some of the great blogs there are floating around out there. When I look at my goals, they pale in comparison to some of the great blogs out there. I’ve been to a few blogs, with one blogger losing in excess of 300 pounds. Now that is success for you, I’ve got around 40 to 50 pounds of body fat to lose, so like I just said my goals are pretty low. So if I can’t achieve mine, them I truly will see myself as a failure.

These blogs have give me added motivation, to keep at the program and  keep moving forward on The Fat Loss Program

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