Day 5, First Day Of The Easter Hols

by admin on March 30, 2013

Yesterday was good Friday, the first day of the Easter hols and is a bank holiday in the UK. Unfortunately I had to work, which was probably for the best with all the Easter goodies that where lying around the house.

I did my usual prepare all the foods I’m going to eat that day, the night before and put it all in plastic containers. By doing this it is helping me to stick to the diet plan immensely. I’m only into day 5 of The Fat Loss Program. So as expected my motivational levels are still sky high.

Yesterday was weight training day and my muscles are slowly getting use to being used again. Which is a good thing, because the day after Mondays weight training workout I was aching near to the point were I thought I wouldn’t be ready for Wednesdays workout. But so far so good, sticking to the diet and exercise plan 100%. I have had a few cups of coffees, but don’t think these will do me much harm over the long term. I was drinking about 10 cups a day before I started The Fat Loss Program.

So one or two cups a day will give me my caffeine buzz for the day. I have also found that a cup just before a workout peps me up a little as well. During my workouts I have been drinking a fantastic energy drink called Xtend. It really does help to fuel your hard and intense weight training workouts. Its roughly around 100 calories a scoop, but it has got lots of nutrients your body needs during training. It’s not cheap, cost me £50 for a tub, but this should last me a few months. So its money well spent in my opinion.

I have took pictures of most of the meals I eat on the program. So when I get a minute over the weekend I will try and upload them to the blog. I am also over the next few weekends going to get myself down to the supermarket and start looking at what different meals I can add to the program. Like I mentioned in a earlier post, most of the food I eat on The Fat Loss Program are frozen foods. Because, with work commitments and a newborn baby I just haven’t got the time in my busy schedule to spend hours each day preparing and cooking meals.

The meals I am eating are quick and easy and have the nutrients that I need to succeed. The only thing stopping me from succeeding is myself. I’ve got the diet plan, the exercise routine. I just need the determination and motivation to keep at it. Which at this moment in time, I know I have. Starting this blog and documenting my progress to the world. Will only help me to succeed as well.

Today is the fourth and final weight training session of week one. So I’m going to hit the weights hard again today and see if it helps me on the scales at Mondays week 1 weigh in. Oh I am also working again, so I will just have to juggle my schedule to suit my routine.

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