The Start Of The Fat Loss Program Day 1

by admin on March 25, 2013

Welcome to The Fat Loss Program, this is my brand new weight loss blog where I will be getting onto the Body Fat Scales each week and showing the world what my body weight and body fat percentage is.

Like most people who is probably reading this. I am a yo yo dieter and I tend to binge eat when I’m not on a diet. I am the type of person who always says I’ll start my new diet and exercise program on Monday.

Well, today is that Monday. So lets step onto the body fat scales and see what the damage is. My body weight is 226 pounds with a body fat percentage of almost thirty percent at 29.3%.  I have also got a visceral fat level of 12. According to my Omron body fat scales anything over 10 is not recommended. So I need to lower my body fat fast to get rid of the excess fat around my bodies organs.

day 1 fat loss

226 pounds or 16 stone 2 pounds

This is not what I was expecting, I haven’t stepped onto the scales for around 6 months now. Which I think the last time I stepped on I was probably twenty pounds lighter and at the low to mid twenty’s in terms of body fat percentage.

I have put on quite a big chunk of body fat over the last 6 months, this is all due to binge eating on takeaway junk food such as pizzas, burgers, doner kebabs and Indian and Chinese food. Well today is the day that eating all that junk ends and I start my new diet and exercise program which is simply called. The Fat Loss Program.

Over the coming weeks, months and years I will be showing you all what foods I eat and what exercises I do to lower my body fat percentage. But, before you start YOU MUST HAVE A GOAL. Without one I know that I won’t stick to the plan.

Well here is my goal. I want to be at 10 to 15% body fat my the end of 2013 with a body weight of around 190 pounds. I think this is an achievable goal, one that I will give my heart and soul on achieving.

Earlier this year my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby girl and I want to be around for many years. So I am not just doing this for myself I am doing it for my family as well. I have also got less than a year before I reach the big four o. So I  would also like to be in good shape for my milestone 40th birthday, which happens early next March.

I have been thinking about going on a diet and exercise program for several weeks now and during this time period I have designed a diet and exercise program which will quickly allow me to achieve my goals.

I will be starting The Fat Loss Program on a diet of 2000 calories every day. With the calories coming from 40% protein 40% carbohydrates and 20% fats. I will be eating 6 meals a day, evenly spaced out throughout the day. I will be lifting weights 3 times per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I will be doing cardio exercise 2 times a week on a Tuesday and Thursday. I will have two rest days from exercise, which will be on a Saturday and Sunday.

Over the coming week I will be revealing more about the meals I am eating every day and I will also show you the weight training and cardio workout I have planned for The Fat Loss Program.

Because this is a new program, I will be swapping and changing the program to see what works for me. I will also be preparing meals that are quick and easy to make and a large percentage of the meals will be frozen foods. Whilst this isn’t the healthiest option, I just haven’t got the time to buy fresh stuff every day and then cook and prepare these meals. I know one thing for sure, these meals will be a lot healthier than the food I have been eating over the last few months.

During this week I will be posting pictures of the meals that I am eating on The Fat Loss Program. So I hope to see you again soon and follow me on my fat loss journey. Good luck with your diet and exercise programs everyone.

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